An Innovative and Creative Way of Learning and self-exprEssion

The voice is truly fascinating!  All the information in the world, however, will do nothing for you unless you can apply what you know and experience your voice in action.  I give you the direction you need to do that.

3-Core Guidelines:

  1. Voice Technique / Development
  2. Speech and Singing - Male / Female Differences, Gender Appropriate Articulation-Language  
  3. Communication - Verbal and Non-Verbal

The vocal cords are controlled by 6 muscles of different length and tension.  They are:

1 Muscle:  To Open Vocal Cords

3 Muscles:  To Close Vocal Cords
1 Muscle:  To Lengthen Vocal Cords
1 Muscle:  To Shorten Vocal Cords

There are several other muscles involved too.  All of these muscles work together.

Information about the voice is this specific!  Each voice varies in its abilities and characteristics, making it complex to manage on your own.

My training is comprehensive.  I take care of the technical things so you can focus only on what is most important, YOU!

Let’s take it a step farther.  A common question I am asked is, “What is pitch?” Pitch is a sound that comes from your voice. Pitch happens when we initiate the movement of the vocal cords. That movement causes vibrations to begin when we have a thought. That thought could be spoken or sung. A thought starts the vibration and is held as long or as short as the person is able to hold it.

Pitch is nothing more than what the ear hears when the vocal cords are in use. Pitch, in reality, does not really exist as we may think it would. If the vocal cords are being used, what the person hears is the pitch. Because pitch relates to what we hear, there is nothing we can do to make it happen. We cannot control what we hear. We simply hear it.

Okay, let’s try it out! Think of the song “Happy Birthday.” Now, sing it silently in your head. Next, sing it out loud. The pitches you heard when you sang it silently in your head were probably the same pitches you sang when you sang it out loud. What you sang were the pitches you thought first. If you do not think them, you cannot sing them. Hmmm, interesting!   

It is a breeze when I am there to explain and walk you through everything step by step.  

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